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The envelopes listed here are standard stocked envelopes that are most commonly used and represent over 90% of those sold. However, almost any type of envelope can be produced. Noted below are the dimensions and commonly known number (where applicable) for each style. All are stocked in 24# (the thickness of the paper) White Wove, except 9 x 12 and larger catalog/booklet envelopes which are 28# and reusables which are 32# White Kraft. Catalog and booklet envelopes are also stocked in Brown Kraft paper. Again, while envelopes can be produced from almost any type of paper, White Wove is most commonly used and stocked. Most envelopes are supplied with a remoistening gum on the seal flap.  However, latex seal, which does not require moistening, can be applied to any envelope. Additionally, most envelopes are available with an inside tint (a printed design on the inside to guard against viewing the contents).  Standard inside tints are printed in blue ink with a universal design or with an FDIC insignia for financial institutions.  A custom inside tint can also be provided using your own design and choice of color(s).

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Envelopes  Bang Tail
Envelopes  Bank DriveUp
Envelopes  Baronial
Envelopes  Booklet Open Side
Envelopes  Catalog
Envelopes  Coin
Envelopes  Commercial  Official Reg
Envelopes  Commercial  Official Window
Envelopes  Commercial  Official Window Custom
Envelopes  Flip  Seal
Envelopes  Remittance
Envelopes  Reusable
Envelopes  Teller Helper
Envelopes  Wallet Flap
Envelopes  Document

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